Organic farming product

In order for a product to be called ‘ecological’, it must have an appropriate certificate. It should be emphasized that such a certificate cannot be bought. Certificates are issued by certification bodies accredited by the government, which perform a strict control of the manufacturer. The certificate itself is issued only for one year and after that time it must be renewed.

On store shelves, one can find several labels of ecological products. For food products, the official symbol in the European Union is the Euroleaf.

About the project

The campaign was developed to promote products covered by the food quality certificate Rolnictwo Ekologiczne [Organic Farming] offered by Polskie Eko Zagrody and Those products create a group of ingredients which can be used to prepare many delicious meals. When cooking meals from certified poultry meat, it is worth adding healthy ingredients, such as certified groats, seeds, nuts, dried fruit and spices.

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Certified products