Polskie Eko Zagrody

Meat, sausages and cold cuts, one of the most tasty luxurious goods, have been used in the culinary art for generations. They have been valued mainly for their unique taste and high nutritional value. With the health and taste preferences of our consumers in mind, our company has specialized in the processing and distribution of organic poultry.

Our ecological meat, sausages and cold cuts do not contain any synthetic flavour enhancers, colorants, aromas and antioxidants. The products do not contain antibiotics, GMO or growth hormones, which may adversely affect the organism. In order to increase safety and quality of our ecologic meat products, organically grown spices are used.

How to recognize ecological products?

Similarly to other bio-products, meat, sausages and cold cuts from organic farms are labelled with the EU logo of ecological food, the so-called Euroleaf. On labels of ecological products, attributes such as: “eco”, “bio” or “organic” can be found. Indicated on the packaging is also the name and address of the manufacturer as well as the number of the certification body.

Within the scope of the campaign, we wish to promote a group of products marked with Rolnictwo Ekologiczne [Organic Farming] quality certificate, which includes:

  • Baked turkey fillet
  • Smoked turkey fillet
  • Smoked chicken fillet
  • Meduza poultry jelly
  • Kentaki dry poultry sausage
  • Batonowa poultry sausage
  • White poultry sausage
  • Mazowiecka dry sausage
  • Poultry sausage „from the stick”
  • Poultry sausage “from the oven”
  • “Farm” poultry sausage
  • Poultry meatloaf
  • Smoked turkey tenderloin
  • Turkey roll
  • Poultry wiener
  • Smoked chicken quarter
  • Turkey pâté
  • Poultry meatloaf 200 g
  • Smoked turkey tenderloin 200 g
  • Boiled turkey ham 200 g
  • Smoked turkey thigh ham 200 g
  • Smoked turkey fillet 200 g
  • Smoked chicken fillet 200 g
  • Batonowa poultry sausage 200 g
  • Poultry sausage „from the oven” 200 g

Certified products